Buckeye, Arizona, United States

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Telescope Lending program



The most often asked question we hear in our outreach programs are what kind of telescope should I consider purchasing.  An appreciation for the skies we have here in Verrado or anywhere for that matter can only be experienced by selecting an observing instrument which works for you. It can be a beginner scope or one that you want to use into the future. Part of determining the type of scope is to try out one of the telescopes we have in our inventory. Here's how the program works: 


The Loan Period

 The loan period for borrowing one of our scopes is ONE WEEK. You can extend up to an additional week by contacting John Suscavage the Program Coordinator.

Age Requirement


The minimum age is 18. A parent, teacher or other adult may accept responsibility for the scope on behalf of the borrower if the borrower is under 18. 


Club Membership



The Borrower must be a member of our club. They must also be registered on the NASA Night Sky Network.   club website as a member. If not registered previously, click on  NSN Registration . Once at our club website click on "Register" below The Astronomy Club of Verrado. . 


To Hold the Telescope

To place a telescope on hold, please call John Suscavage at (631) 356-5861 or send him an email at Joebuck66@hotmail.com.      


Google Map of redmond ball field

Information & Directions

If you are east or westbound on I-10 you would take the off ramp to Verrado Way.  Head north on Verrado Way until you pass the Verrado Fire Station on your left.  The next stop sign will be Thomas Road.  Turn left (east) on Thomas then make a right turn on to Maiden Lane.  The park will be directly in front of you.  Continue around until you get to the parking area in front of the school.  You will enter the park on foot from the parking area.

If you are coming from anywhere in Verrado just proceed on Verrado Way until you reach either Hamilton or Thomas to the west of Verrado Way.  Loop around until to get the the parking area.

You can use your GPS or map application by entering the address for the park which is 20895 W Hamilton Street, Buckeye, AZ 85396.

Learn More

Most of our stargazing events start with a brief introduction by a narrator of what will happen the evening of the event.  This is usually followed by a Constellation Tour where a narrator will describe what you see above you pointing to each object with a bright laser pointer.  During this period of time the astronomers/telescope operators will be setting up their scopes and are usually not ready.  When the telescopes are ready, the narrator will make an announcement.  We ask that you create a line to each scope.  Each scope will have a different object or image.  The astronomer will be able to provide you information on the object you see.  He/She will also be able to describe the telescope or anything you wish to ask.  PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH ANY PART OF THE SCOPE.  This will move the scope off it's target or in some cases cause the scope to fall on an observer.  Some of the scopes are extremely heavy.  The other thing we ask is to please not use any white light flashlights.  This will cause the viewers to lose some of their night vision and ruin their ability to see an object clearly.  There will be a lot of opportunities to use your camera and take images of the Moon (if it's up that night).  Please have fun and do ask a lot of questions.